Southern African Development Cooperation
Science, Technology and Innovation Policy
Training Course

Background and basic idea
The SADC Ministers of Science and Technology have asked South Africa to lead the development of science, technology and innovation training for SADC senior officials, supported by UNESCO. The training aims at building up policy capacity in SADC countries, exposing the participants from SADC countries to the fast changing world of policies associated with higher education, research and innovation and enable them to develop strategies for their own domestic contexts. The course will lead to a certificate.

This training is organised as a series of three training weeks to take place in South Africa between September 2012 and July 2013. In addition to the training weeks, participants will develop concrete policy projects during the course of the year.

The course is delivered by a team of senior academics from the The Manchester Institute of Innovation Research (MBS, University of Manchester), together with senior colleagues from the University of Zimbabwe. It is led by Prof. Jakob Edler and Prof. Philppe Laredo

Target Group
The course is targeted at high and medium level policy makers from ministries and agencies responsible for Higher Education, science and innovation in the SADC countries.

Origin and Contextualisation